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  • High-density memory foam

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670 grams

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Bonus # 1

Pain-relief techniques & methodological approaches that you can easily follow  

Learn stretches that you can do right away in just 5 minutes a day or while working 

Guiding techniques to tap into the secret of your brain-body healing connection

Bonus # 2

Free personalized online therapy and consultation sample.

Developed by back specialists, using the latest techniques, and a scientifically proven approach designed to resolve your pain, increase mobility and functionality.

Your questions answered. 

The surprising problem with sleeping on the side.

Sleeping on the side is super comfortable. However, it can only cause misalignment in your spine and legs.

If you come from hip surgery, pregnant, or having sciatica and back pain, your pain can get worse over time when you sleep on the side. 

The solution?

A firm, comfy support in your legs to keep your spine, hips, and legs in a neutral position for a whole 8 hours of sleeping.

See scientific studies here.

Why do you give a free trial? Is this for real?

We hate to break it to you but there's no one size fits all. If a knee pillow company claims that, you should back out. The free trial will give you an immense personal experience with the pillow and help you decide from the get-go. We take our mission to help millions of people achieve a pain-free life seriously.

We also understand that it's quite scary nowadays to shop online, so this is our way to let you know that we stand by our integrity.

Does knee pillow really work?

We get this question a lot because it seems too good to be true that a single pillow can heal back or hip pain in just a few nights.

With our free 5-day trial, you'll certainly believe that it works.

How fast would I feel the result?

The result is just 7 days or less. In fact..Some of our customers will call us only to say thank you for changing their lives after a night use. But as we said, it works differently for all persons. It's best to try.

Why people love our knee pillow?

We're proud to say, with integrity, that we stand behind the quality of our pillows. 

It's not like any other low-grade quality in the market that will flatten over time. 

Aside from the fact that they're getting result as early as one night, it is...


The cover is very soft and comfy to skin.

Once you put it between your legs, you'll start to feel relaxed as the pillow soothes between your legs.

Slowly, you can't anymore stop yourself from entering into your dreamy state.

It's a long, long night. 

You feel deeply rested.

First time in your life that your night isn't anymore bothered by pain.

And in the morning, when you wake up, you finally feel excited to stroll like a kid.

You cry out loud that your life has come back again finally! 

Wait! If this is free, why do you need my credit card?

Rest assured that the trial is free! We ask for credit card number to avoid trial pillows getting stolen. 

What our customers say


"This pillow is great. Since I've been using it, I fall asleep without waking up again, changing position. It's really very comfortable. I am thrilled!"

Thomas Miller


"In the beginning it feels a bit thick. The first nights I often woke up because I wasn't used to it. Now I can't live without it. Chronic low back pain is gone. Highly recommended for relieving low back pain."

Sabine S.

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