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Want To Become An Affiliate?

Would you like to join our affiliate program? We would love it! Let me first tell you how it all works and what the benefits are for you :-)

How does it work?

At COMFYCENTRE we believe in expertise and service, which includes a strong affiliate program in which we like to build a long-term relationship with our affiliate partners. 

1. You promote COMFYCENTRE products on your website

2. The visitor clicks through to our shop

3. The visitor from your website places an order through our shop

4. The order will be registered in your affiliate dashboard

5. We'll pay you a 10% commission

Nice, but how much money will I get?

We have a fixed affiliate fee of 10%, this applies to every product we offer. The cookie term is set to 30 days. This means that if the customer clicks on your link and buys something from us within 30 days, you also get the commission. 

An example:

Customer buys two knee pillows from us via your link worth a total of €70 (or £63), you receive 10% of this amount. This amounts to €7 (or £6,30) This will be paid to you by us.

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